Are all bulbs created equal?

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Mar 5, 2008
Staten Island, NY
I was in a LFS the other day. I asked them about different types of actinic bulbs for my t5 fixture and they said they only know of one type and they only carry one brand.

I was wondering - are all bulbs created equal? I would think not. What is the best bulb I could get for my 36" T5 fixture? Anyone have positive/neg experiences with different bulb types/brands?

Same for day bulbs - whats your preferred spectrums?
I only have VHO bulbs but I like URI bulbs as they have internal reflectors in their bulbs which really help to keep the light down in the tank where it belongs. Dont know much about T5`s or hallides.
I don't use T5's, but there is a thread on RC that's been going on for a few years and is probably a million pages long. Here's the latest split on the thread. Lots of info.
I use German T5s Giesemann Actinic+. They are a little more expensive but do a great job. As far as all bulbs being equal it is like most other things in this hobby you get what you pay for.
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