Are my green star polyps dead

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Nov 14, 2012
I purchased some gsp on thursday at the lfs they were open and i bought the drip acclimated them and since then havent opend up i also bought 3 other frags
1 jasmine polyps , 1 pulsing xenia -melted away , birdsnest -bleached i have the gsp in my 14 gal biocube idk were to place them or how much flow or how much light there will also be no fish in the tank coral only
Parameters :
Thats all i test since i will only be keeping lps and softies i do add coral vite once in a while wich is trace elements.
Please help i need lots of awnsers to my questions
There is like some diatoms in the gsp my tanked cycled like 1 month ago


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You need to test alk, cal, and phosphates as well. Your alk is probably off.

And stop dosing. Not needed on a small tank with that few corals. Water changes will be enough to keep elements where they need to be.
Do i do a big water change or a small one the biggest water change i can make would be like 7 gallons wich id 50% and 3.5 would be 25% wich one bribo12 and thankyou Dav3
You need to test your water. I'm only guessing that your alk is off. Take a water sample to your lfs to test it for you just to be sure.
If there are no fish or anything in the tank, cycling it a month ago is meaningless...without anything to continue to provide an ammonia source the bacteria you built up just dies off.
I'd be inclined to look at the lighting over the tank as the main culprit though. Is this stock lighting over the tank? How long were the coral in the system before they bleach and die off?
The tank is fully cycled i kept on feedind even without fish beacause i know it would be meanigless and why would the lighting in the tank be the main culprit i know plenty of reefers who have kept enem montis at the top of the tank the ligting is over the tank really close to the water level its a biocube 14 ad the corals were i the tank for about 3-4 days i diddint do my info o the birdsest ad i put it in the ceter and it bleached and i heard with xenia is a hit or miss
I have:
-24w 10k compact flourescent
-24w actinic compact flurescent
-0.75w biocube lunar blue led bar
I dont know what are diodes also their doing the same i did a 30% water change
I really dont know it already came with my biocube so im guessing its corallife
Stock biocube lighting isn't the issue. You really need to get ALL of your parameters checked ASAP.

Stop dosing, and get ready to do a massive water change.
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