Are these levels okay?

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Jan 28, 2023
I’m a bit worried about the PH and High range PH levels and Nitrate.

PH - 7.6
High Range PH - 7.8
Ammonia- 0ppm
Nitrite - 0ppm
Nitrate - 5.0ppm

I recently got my old goldfish back after not having them for 7 years so I’m not used to the levels so much. Going by the booklet (API master test kit) it says these are okay, but wanted to check as I’m worried about it all.

The smaller one still isn’t eating much and still staying in one spot, although he did have a good swim round earlier and sucking the pebbles. Is he still adjusting (moved them 6 days ago, tank fully cycled with original medium and water) or should I be worried? Thanks.
Nothing to worry about

Nitrate is fine. Lower the better, but anything below 20ppm is ok, many people keep fish successfully at much higher levels than that.

pH is at the higher end of optimum for goldfish, but its better to keep pH stable rather than trying to attain what you might consider optimum. Chasing pH levels usually leads to it fluctuating and that's much worse than just letting it settle where it wants to be.
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