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Feb 26, 2014
Dubai, UAE
Hi Everybody.

I just signed up as I bought my girlfriend a 13 gallon tank stocked with a few small Tetras for Christmas. So far everything is going quite well. We are doing water changes every other day, as nitrites are still an issue (although finally ammonia is testing zero, and nitrates are starting to appear).

I will say that we jumped in the deep end and had to learn about cycling as we went. I knew what the nitrogen cycle was, but know now that we had a LOT to learn. 2 weeks ago I added some JBL Filter Start to the filter media and BAM, a day later was the first time Ammonia tested zero - so good reports about that product, and for sure I'm going to use it on my next tank, which I just acquired.

I am quite handy and am lucky to have a workshop full of tools at my disposal, so right now I have some questions about filtration design which I haven't found answers to, so I will now find the correct forum and post.


Ant, Dubai
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