baby mollys

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Feb 14, 2011
Rhode Island
my mollys dropes for the first time completely unexpected ii thought they were both female but heres a picture of the little gjys. is there anything special i need to do for them?

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Congrats! :D

Chances are good that even if you do have 2 females in your tank, they were already "prepped for pregnancy". Meaning that most Mollies from your LFS have stored up sperm, (from being in a tank w/ males), and can even have multiple births throughout their lives.

Props to you for using a breeder tank btw! (y) As far as caring for your fry... make sure the breeder tank isn't too close to the light or heavy water current. When I had my fry, I fed them finely crushed flakes. I put the flakes in a plastic bag, crushed them, dipped a toothpick in the aquarium water, then in the bag of food, then in the breeder tank. It gives them just the right amount. Although, sometimes they might not eat all of it and it will begin to gather in the breeder tank. If you slowly lift one side of the tank, (keeping the lid on), the majority of the wasted food will slip through the slits.

Oh and just an FYI, I found an extremely small fry come flying out of my HOB filter when I lifted the media. I was surprised that it was actually alive! And, man was it tiny! So, it's always a good plan to lift your media once a day, (even if you don't think your fry are small enough to fit through the slits on your filter intake tube).

Hope this helps! Have fun w/ your babies! :D
thank you no fry in the filter i managed to save 7 of the original 10 from death by lunch if my breeder is to close to top what can i do? the water is about the same temp as the rest of the tank and the fry seem fine

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Sorry for the delay in my response. I didn't realize you had them in a 15 gallon. I think the lighting should be ok and not too strong. I mentioned heavy current because if the breeder tank floats freely around the tank, it could find its way beneath the filter outflow and the tank could flip.

Oh and come to find out, I'm about to be a fry parent too! My Gold Dust Molly is about to give birth! :D This will be her 2nd batch of fry. She's a bit big to keep in the breeder tank, (that and she freaked out the last time I put her in there). So... I'm on fry watch in hopes to net a few and put them in the breeder tank.

How are your babies doing today?
congrats there doing well they eat like a horse when ever foood goes into the breeder they attackk it and my baby snails get a free meal to

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edit: also sorry for the late reply i was at school and didn't check AA this morning
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