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Dec 10, 2023
Hi everyone! I'm a new member here and fairly newish fish enthusiast. I've had fish growing up and fish tanks here and there as an adult until the last 5 yrs or so and got into the fish world again, more so frog world and found it really helps with anxiety/depression watching them. I'm learning as I go the proper way to care for fish and proper requirements instead of throwing 3 gold fish in a small globe tank and dumping almost all the water weekly and than wonder why my fish died. Lol Thanks to the internet I can keep them alive longer. I have a 20 gal with 3 african dwarf frogs that I've had for a cpl years now and are my babies, 2 Cory's, 2 zebra danos, now 4 adult mollies and 3 babies that were born in the tank and a nitrite (?) Snail. Along with 2 cats and a dog.
Welcome to the community. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about what you are getting up to.

Its called a nerite snail.
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