Bad molt on hermit crab

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May 10, 2014
South Florida
Really bad molt! This was his third molt and he ended up with just a claw. I wondered why he wasn't moving. :( I have him in a small glass with algae pellets which he is eating. Will he molt properly again? Should I do something else? This happened during treatment with UltraLife for cyano which had pretty much taken over the tank. I used a big bubbler and have added charcoal in my 12 gal nano. Help.

This is in the wrong place. Maybe someone could move it to the proper section? Thanks.
I don't know a thing about hermit crabs, but I know quite a bit about crayfish and diet can cause trouble with molts. Do hermit crabs eat algae?

A quick search revealed that hermit crabs are omnivores and take a wide range of food from fruits, vegetables and nuts to meat.
Are you talking about the land hermits? This is a marine guy in my nano cube. I can't see him eating nuts. The shrimp are molting just fine and this one has molted twice already with no problems. He eats bits of shrimp when I put them in but mostly he eats algae. But thanks for your reply. I just checked him and his one claw is eating that algae wafer like crazy. Sad.
Yes, he should regenerate the missing limb next molt.

What salt mix do you use?
If it is one of the major brands it should have the needed trace elements.
I know iodine is one needed for crusty's to molt properly.

I have an arrow crab that I purchased with only one claw, and I'm also playing the waiting game for him to molt and hopefully it will reappear.

My banded coral shrimp has regenerated legs and a claw a few times now.
I have noticed that my hermit crabs will often eat the shrimp molts.

and I also give my hermits and other crusty's the Hikari algae wafers, they love 'em, even my green brittle star eats them...LOL
I see the emphasis on should but I am optimistic. I buy my water from the LFS. It's only a 12 gal nano. If he eats the shrimp molts I haven't seen it. I saw my Sally Lightfoot eating the hermit's molt the other day. We shall see. Thanks for answering.
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