bak-pack any good

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Jan 16, 2006
Thibodaux, Louisiana
I went to my local pet supply store and they deal with mostly saltwater aquariums.
The sales person told me I should get a bak pak protein skimmer/filter system.Its the same price as the Aqua C remona protein shimmer . Which is better for my 55 gal tank.

I've had the Bakpak 2R on my 55 Gall for about 2 or 3 weeks now and I'm well impressed (previously had a Seaclone). I've heard people say that the Aqua C is slightly better but I've never seen one myself (Only skimmers normally available in the UK are Seaclones or Prizms).
Haven't tried a Prism, but reviews aren't that good.......

The Bakpak is quite loud (the noise comes from the end of the air intake tube), but it doesn't bother me as the tank's in my study/games room/office. I don't think the missus would be happy with the noise if it was in the living room!
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