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Dec 26, 2012
Southern New Jersey
Hey all,

My name is Rob and I'm 25. I have loved aquariums since I was a kid but I grew up as one of 7 kids so we never had the extra space for me to have a tank haha. However, I guess my wife (we just got married in Sept) got tired of hearing me talk about how much I wanted a tank so she bought me a small tank (Tetra 3 gallon cube) for our apartment for Christmas! It is a small tank but I'm super excited about it. Once we get a house I'll be upgrading to a much larger tank but this is good for now. I already have it all set up with two fake plants, a live Echinodorus Bleheri, a small tiki mask, a tank heater, and a filter. I'll be letting it all settle in before we decide what fish to place in it. I want to make sure all my water levels are right before I do anything else. I know keeping the 3 gallon tank clean and safe for fish will be a lot of work but I'm looking forward to learning and I'll probably be designing and making my own stuff from here on out (I have lots of LEDs and other gadgets to play with). I look forward to learning lots from this forum!
Thank you!

So the obsession has already started.... I have already set up and started cycling my second tank (this time a 10g tank). I needed something here at work in my office :)
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