berlin airlift 60 protein skimmer

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Aug 28, 2004
Is the berlin airlift 60 protein skimmer good enough for a 30 gallon tank? it says its good for up to 60 gal. but its only like $25 US. I think its powered by an air pump, but i'm not completely sure.
It is crap

It is crap, you get what you pay for and for $30.00 you get a big ugly skimmer that sits in your tank taking up space and doesnt even skim well. Save your money and buy a good skimmer!
can't comment on the design as i've never DIY'd a skimmer.
I'd recommend a cpr bak-pak for your size tank. that or a seaclone 100 and do the mods to it...IF you can find a seaclone for under $50.
Get a Bak-Pak 2

I would second the advice and get a Bak-Pak 2. I have one and I have to empty it daily. I had a Sea Clone 100 and sold it as I didnt like it, the person I sold it to did a few mods on it and got it skimming but eventually did away with it.
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