Berlin triple pass skimmer

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Dec 9, 2012
Has anyone had experience with these skimmers an what kind of pump do I need?
How and why would you change out the impeller? I'm curious, never really gave that much thought......
500-900 gph. But the more air you can put through it the better it will work.
Would a via aqua pump 1800 work? It's pretty big but I'm confused with there ratings for gph
the 1800 is a bit on the low side but most any pump that can be plumbed in will work.
Yea id eventually upgrade but this'll have to work for now now what would be a good pump for a two little fishies phosban reactor?
I already got one I traded some dead coral for one at my local lfs
Your getting ahead of your self :) most people dont need to dose as a water change will keep things in line Until you have a fully loaded tank with a lot of coral there no need to dose. It's good that your looking to learn about all aspects of reef keeping (y) keep asking questions.

Here's a vid that will explain things. Two Part Mixing and Use Instructions - Bulk Reef Supply
Haha I'm just wanting to learn as much as the hobby as I can. Also what's the difference between ro an ro/di water? Would my tank be fine if I just used to water?
RO is reverse osmosis, it forces wate runder pressure through a semipermeable plastic film or membrane with atomic size pores in it so only pure water molecules and things approx 0.0001 microns or smaller pass through it. RO does 90 to 98% of the work so there will still be some dissolved solids present in the treated water.
DI or deionization uses plastic resin beads with ionic and cationic or positive and negative electrical charges on them to attract and cling to substances left in the water. It does the remaining 2 to 10% of the treatment.
Neither by itself is particularly good at some things so you really do need both.
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