Best sand sifting goby for biocube 29 reef?

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My yellow watchman goby sifts but only once in a while. i wouldn't consider him a sand sifter really.
My blue cheek goby does it all day long
From the research I have done about 50% die within the first 6 months in the aquarium and only about 10% make it to the first year mark. How long have you had it and what do you feed it? What kind of sand bed do you have and how old is your tank? I keep wanting to get a sand sifting goby and that is the one I have been wanting however I don't want it to die because I don't know the proper care.
I'd also like to know. :) I;d really like one as well but I've only been up and running the 125g for about 6 months or so. I'm just afraid he won't have enough to eat. Same thing for the sand sifting stars, I'd really love to have one but am worried about them dying too soon. :-(
I have had him a year didn't know they die that quick must of got lucky got crushed coral sand bed
Pink spot goby! Does work all day long and builds sweet caves! Here is mine in my 65 gallon reef


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I had a diamond goby in my tank for about 3 weeks before he decided to jump out :(. The thing is I have egg crate over my tank and he jumped out a little opening where my overflow is.
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