best type of filters?

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Big Ben

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Mar 16, 2006
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
I'm thinking of getting btween a 30-55 gallon this summmer myself, What do you recommend for filters. I have a 10 gallon right now with a regular hang on the back filter which is fine for a 10, but what about a 30-55? Thanks alot. 8)

p.s anything key needed for a cichlid setup?
For larger tanks, I really like canisters. Fluval, Rena,or Eheim, depending on your taste and budget. Go for the 55.
I'd go with a canister. I am a huge fan of the Cascade line, but those that Tom listed are also good filters.

What kind of Cichlids are you interested in? American or African?
I agree for larger tanks, one cannister and one HOB at a minumum or 2 cannisters. I like the fluvals and the aqua clears. Have had great success with both!
well i really like the golden cichlid (auratus), oscars look sweet but i hear they're aggressive and messy, rams, convicts (agressive), preferably none that get over 7-8 inch. i think those oscares get up to a foot? theres a ton of others i liek, i got a fish encyclopedia from my gf that she got from the library.
Before purchasing fish you need to decide if you want to go with Africans (like the Auratus) or American (Oscar, Ram, Convict). The two should not be combined. If you decide to go with the Auratus plan for a highly aggressive tank as they are one of the most aggressive Mbuna.
Oscars are cool, but will eventually outgrow even a 55 gallon, even if you only keep 1. As you know, auratus are extremely aggressive and may not work out even in a 55 gallon. Convicts are cool, but are very aggressive when spawning (which will happen a lot if you have a pair), and the babies are sometimes hard to give away. Rams are peaceful and would not fare well with any of the fish you listed. It's best to choose community fish if you want to keep rams.

Like Fishy said, you should choose whether you want to African cichlids, or Central/South Americans, as these fish have very different requirements for both water perams and diet.
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