bio balls or ceramic rings

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Jul 31, 2006
Orangevale CA
i was wondering what i should use in my rena xp3, i have a pack of rena brand stars, which are kind of like ceramic, i think ceramic has more surface area, but have to be replaced eventually,
what does everyone else use.
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I use ceramic rings in my canister. They don't have to be replaced, just gently rinsed in removed tank water during a water change. I rinse mine only about once every two months.
I cant imagine that it makes a difference, as long as it's surface area that bacteria can grow and multiply on.
I use both right now, they both have there benefits, I use a few bio balls to help catch some of the stringy looking debris and obviously to grow some bacteria, but for maximum bacteria growth cermaic rings are the best. You have to be careful onwhich ones you by though, some are made of glass and are completely smooth, the best ones for bacteria to grw on are the cermic rings that are pourus.
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