Biopellets ok while cycling?

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Nov 14, 2012
Miami Beach, FL
Hello everyone, I'm in the first days of the cycling stage. I got a phosban reactor and some biopellets from the same company (two little fish)for Xmas and I was bored today so i installed it with about half of the recommended amount of pellets but now I'm worried that it'll be counterproductive on the cycle. I'm cycling with 50lb of live rock an 20lb of dry rock with about 100lb of live sand. I'm also running my skimmer if that matters... Any advice would be nice, thanks =)

Ps. The pellets are tumbling not as aggressively as most of the ones on YouTube, I guess the pump I'm using isn't as strong but they are tumbling
bio pellets remove nitrates from the water. nitrates show you that your cycle is complete, once the cycle is complete i would do a water change add a fish or two and then think about starting the bio pellets just my opinion though.
Bio pellets work by providing a surface for aerobic bacteria and a deeper cavity for anaerobic bacteria to consume nitrates and phosphates. Running it during the cycle is a good idea as the bacteria need to build up there too.
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