Breeding Blind Cave Tetras

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Jan 18, 2014
Does anyone have any experience breeding Blind Cave Tetras? I currently have two-definitely one male and one female-that have mated before, yet not (to my knowledge) spawned any eggs...unless they were all eaten before I saw anything...Anyway, I am ready to take on the challenge of breeding them and raising the eggs. I have a breeder tank set up and am waiting for any signs of activity from the couple.
By the way, I have a 20g tank with water on the hard side, pH of usually 7-7.5, and I working on completely getting rid of all nitrites.
There isn't much that I could find on google about breeding this particular fish and I would really love any piece of information anyone has, or any hints from experienced Blind Cave Tetra owners. Thanks!
Sorry, guess the official name would be helpful! Astyanax fasciatus mexicanus, part of the Characidae family.
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