Breeding Guppies vs. Platies?

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Dec 27, 2016
I am interested in trying to breed platies or guppies in the near future, not for profit, but for the fun of it. I think it'd be very enjoyable, and I have friends with tanks who would love some. I could give them away if there ever were too many, and I bet my LFS would take them too. I considered selling online, but I'm worried about shipping (I have no idea how this works), but perhaps I'll cross that bridge if I ever get to that point.
Anyways, which is better to breed? From what I've been told both are prolific breeders. I know guppies are faster breeders with slightly larger numbers of fry, so maybe not for me... but I love those little guys. I'm torn and can't decide which.
I have a 26 gallon planted community tank where I could have some, and then I'd get another tank for the fry (if my mom gives in to me begging or I have another babysitting gig soon), and I am hoping for a ten but might only be allowed to get a five.
Also, I have no clue how to select the stock. Currently have one very handsome red wag male platy (I'm 90% sure he's a guy, still new on sexing), and the LFS has lovely platies and guppies. (If I get guppies, he's staying, but thankfully I am not a confused enough newbie to ask if they'll interbreed. Highly unlikely, given that they're different species.) If I wanted to get rarer strains, I could buy online, but I am a bit concerned about finding a trusted site that won't send me dead or sick fish (recommendations would be great). I don't know if I should get all of the same kind of fish, or some of similar colors (red, orange, yellow). I would love some metallic blue ones, but I am worried that if ones if very different colors cross, it'll look bad. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not sure how this works. I don't want to end up with ugly babies from gorgeous parents.
Say I breed my red wag male with a blue metallic female. What would the babies look like? Would they be a mix of both, or look like the mom, or look like the dad, or just be random? (I figure it's the same with guppies.) If it'd work out fine with pretty babies, I'm all for it. I'd pick out some really pretty colorful ones, like the Honeybee Platy or some of those blue snowflake guppies.
So... your verdict? Platies or guppies? I could go for either, but I'm not sure.
Platies are stronger then guppies IMO.
Aquabid is an awesome site where breeders and some stores sell/auction fish. I buy and sell many fish.
Okay, thank you! I think I'm leaning towards platies a little bit myself, LOL. They're adorable.
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