bubble tip annenome

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Sep 10, 2004
Orange County, California
I purchased a bubble tip annenome today and i dont know where to place it in my tank. my pair of clows love it and are hosting but i cant get it to stay put. it keeps floating around and turning upside down. i put it 4 different places near and on the bottom of the tank and up high on rock. please help. TIA :?
If you hav PH can u turn them off for a few hours till the anemone get set in place? If not put it in a very low flow area so it won't blow around and it sould take hold
yea, mine floated around for about half a day. then overnight, it found a spot in a dark cave. it stayed there for about a week and then it finally came out. i don't think you can force it to stay in one spot.
it will sting anything in its path theres not much u can do about it. if its easy to move ur soft corals if there not to attached to large pieces of rock i would put them in the sand until the anenome finds a home. Mine moves to a new spot about once a year every time he does he ends up stinging some poor coral in the process, it seems to me that soft corals recover better than hard. just keep an eye on it when its moving. once it's attached to a rock or glass itll move around probably for a few days, after that your pretty safe
i feed my corals bioplankson 2-3X per week and then my fish marine plankton and prime reef frozen food alternating days. is there anything extra i need to feed the annenome?
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