Bubble tip caught in powerhead

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So I came home and noticed the nems mouth wide open or what appears to be his mouth.

Is this normal behavior, I keep reading an open mouth is a bad sign. There is no smell coming from the tank, so I don't think it's dead.

Thanks for the help.

That anemone looks pretty good actually. The other anemone posted didn't, but it was still alive.

Thank you. After it getting stuck I am in panic mode. Good to know it looks good.
It picked a really crappy spot to latch but at least it surviving. And my clowns seem to be interested in it.
My link tipped is moving around missing a ton of arms and all the arms are shorter now though I'm doing a water change as of now
The fact that it's moving is an indication that it's not happy with something in your tank. Have you checked your parameters recently?
No not recently I need to go get a kiti don't think it like being on my rock it seems to like smooth surfaces or the sand
I don't know haha hey mr x can you check out my thread I think it's a sponge I'm not sure what it is exactly
Hello everyone,

So I woke up and my nem moved to a rock. It was open and full of color. Now he is in the same rock but in a crevice. One of my clowns has been hovering around the nem I'm guessing all day.

Well the nem is in his hiding spot completely closed to the point where I can't even see him.

Is this normal or a sign of bad things to come. I can't even reach the nem or see any part of him. I can't imagine light or water flow is getting to it.
I don't think it's dead, but it does not agree with your tank. I would be trying to find out what it doesn't like. What are your current parameters?
If you are going to keep delicate creatures like this, you will need to provide an ideal environment for them. It's not going to bounce back like nothing happened if the thing it can't tolerate isn't removed. It will just continue to decline. I suggest you hurry.
What should the parameters be mine are;
GH- 180
Finding the source of the high nitrates would be your best starting point. Then we can reduce them easily. I'm betting on overfeeding. How much and how often are you feeding your tank, and how many fish are in it and how large are they?
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