Bubble tip caught in powerhead

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I don't have any fish I have a cleaner shrimp 10 dwarf blue legged crabs another pink tip anemone and a chocolate chip starfish I just fed them yesterday I feed them about 1-2 a week and I feed shrimp and this morning I put in plankton
I feed my nems and starfish frozen shrimp that's thawed out and then I also feed the nems phytoplankton but I only feed them enough to where they'll eat it all
Gaaaah what my LFS said to feed them that like once a week I bought that for nothing man that sucks should I keep feeding shrimp
Ok so I got some more rock yesterday and its in the tank I put my nem into one of its large open caves where there was still light and I had a piece of dead coral on the side of the rock it moved to the coral yesterday and I thought the power head pushed it so I moved it back but this morning the nem squeezed under the coral and is now between the rock and coral should I leave it
Do not touch the anemone. You cannot force it to stay wherever you want it to be. You will just have to let it settle somewhere.
Was this rock uncured? If so, it may cause a spike in your tank. How much rock is in your tank and how much of it did you recently add?
I usually add about 6ibs every time I get rock and the rock i don't know if it was cured or not I currently have 21-22 pounds in the tank and the rock I got came from a 200g tank the guy sold his rock to my LFS and I bought it from there
Always cure live rock before putting in your display tank...liveaquaria.c o m Has really good information on how to cure live rock, quarantining fish and acclimation procedures
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