Building canopy questions.

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Dec 5, 2004
Just ordered VHO for my tank and I'll be building a new canopy now.

Just a few questions?
I would like it to be black to match the rest of the tank and stand. Can I paint it? If so what kinda paint?

I will have a big opening on top for gas exchange so I dont think humidity should be too bad.

What kinda screws and/or nails should I use? Or should I just use aquarium safe silicone to hold pieces together?

Is your tank made by Oceanic, if so i have the same tank and was just thinking about building a canopy myself. If you can, can you post pics when your done, and maybe how you built it. I would think nontoxic paint, maybe someone else coulld help you out better then i can. GOod luck
We used galvanized deck screws on ours. You can use any enamel paint. Use bright white inside for reflection. We used standard caulk to seal the pieces(on the inside before painting) so that there wouldn't be any light leaks. Be sure to cover the screws or nails really well with the paint to seal them in.
as far as wood goes, I guess I should stay away from aspenite or particle right?

I'll ve very creative with this so I'll be sure to post pics. I just hope it all works out! :?
I would like to build a canopy for my tank. I have no building experience, so im hoping to learn for your experience :)
We're under construction for our canopy. We have a cherry oceanic stand and are going to (hahahahaha) try to match the stain of the stand with the canopy. That will probably be the hardest part. We've got the box built, but not yet trimmed. So far I think it looks pretty good but I haven't downloaded any of the pictures yet :)

We went with a red oak because we'll be staining it. We'll paint the inside the recommended reflective white and we're using deck screws.
C'mon Phyl! I wan't to see pictures!!

My problem is, i don't have the slightest idea where to start, or how :)
My daughter stained a couple of dressers with a beautiful cherry stain and they turned out fantastic.
Bottom of bulbs are 8" off the water. They should be 8 to 12 " with 8 being a bare minimum. That helps keep the bubble splash off your bulbs. I think the amount of inches is dependent on what type of bulb you use. Apparently some bulbs have some kind of built in uv protection or reflectors. Not sure, but I read that on here somewhere.
kat where in texas are you????
Phyll if you are using red oak go to a Sherwin Williams. They can match the stain to the wood you have used for the canopy to the base for you. (trial and error with computer scanners) I have done this on many of my wood project using red oak. They can also do it with pine and birch. Oak being cheap is what I normally use and they do a great job color matching the stains.
Sherwin Williams! I knew there was a place that would do that but I had *no* idea where (I read a thread about someone doing just that but they didn't say where). I asked at HD and they looked at me like I had 6 heads. They told me to use trial and error! Nice. I'll have to grab a door on my way out to work tomorrow. Thank you SOOOO much! Kudos!
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