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Jan 30, 2010
Upstate NY
Where does everyone buy their corals from? I've had great luck with 2 people from ebay. I've been looking at other places that advertise great shipping deals......until you actually put in your zip code. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm having a hard time with the $30 shipping everywhere! Anyone find less expensive shipping? By the way I'm in upstate NY
how can you get around 30 dollar shipping? UPS, FEDEX, and USPS are all going to cost at least 20 bucks for overnight, even if you are one state away. then you have heat/cold packs, and a styro lined box. those boxes alone are 10 dollars each unless you go ghetto and line a plain box with some house insulation.
the only thing you can do is order multiple pieces so the cost of shipping is spread out over a bunch of items.
i would imagine some vendors would do a free shipping deal if you purchased enough.
$30 is pretty standard for overnight shipping. Check our sponsors (Midwest Saltwater, Premium Aquatics), or some of the big box places (LiveAquaria, marinedepotlive, thatfishplace, etc.)

It's about what FedEx or UPS charges, don't forget they also need to package it and add heat packs this time of year. If you are buying several frags it's well worth it compared to most lfs. If you have a great lfs, you should buy locally.

Also check for a local reef club. Frag swaps are great places to pick up corals at great prices.

How far upstate are you?
near Kingston......45 minutes away from exit 19 on NYS thruway.
I guess the shipping is reasonable.... just hard to spend that much money on it! On ebay I get $15 shipping but it's 2 day, and I'm afraid to do that in this cold weather, and snow storms! We got 10 inches today!! on top of 10" a week ago!
2 day shipping in the winter would be death.
UPS and FEDEX ground is overnight in many cases, depending on how far you are from the store and the ups/fedex hub. if you are only a few hundred miles away, you might be able to get away with 10 dollar shipping that way.
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