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Aug 28, 2002
I have the nikon coolpix 885. Lately the battery will not last very long at all, in fact, I just went to take pics, took the battery off the charger and it lasted less than 5 minutes. Does anyone know of a good place to order a replacement? Also, how long should one of these batteries last?
The battery could have developed a memory, to recondition the battery, you should use it until it is completely dead, several times and keep charging it inbetween, not sure how this will work without a battery discharge feature on your cam, that is one thing I hate about propretory batteries.

For the best price...plug in the name and model of your battery into ;)
thanks kevin, i wasnt sure if aftermarket batteries would be as good as the ones from nikon...

as far as the battery developing a memory, I always use it until I see battery exhausted, then it may sit on the charger for a week until I pick the camera up again. So then, from what you are saying, they normally do not do this?
If that is your experience, then the battery has probably just used up it's life. They are not rated in time, but in the number of charges they will accept.
thanks for the explanation! I feel just a tad smarter today than yesterday :wink:
If the battery is a AA or AAA rechargable replace with the newer type NI-MH instead of NI-CAD. NI-MH doesnt get the memory effect. Look at the ma rating (milli amp). The higher the number the longer it should go on a charge. Some are out there with a 2400ma rating. Just a few years ago 1600ma was the highest.
Batterys still have power even if the camera will not work. Cameras are energy hogs and shutdown at a set level. The batterys will still run a walkman or other low power device for a few hours or even longer. Running down NI-CADs like this before charging will increase the life.
Some cameras have special batterys that only work in there brand stuff. They may be NI-MH or Lithium Ion. Not much you can do then but buy another of THERE batterys. Most cell phones are Lithium Ion type.
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