Can Otocinclus, Cories and a Rainbow Shark be kept together in a 33 Gallon tank?

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Jan 5, 2011
Glasgow, Scotland
As the bottom of the tank fish I'd like 6-8 cories and like 5 ottos, I usually always stick to small fish and have never owned a fish that gets to 5 or more inches before. Now I would like to have one but have no experience of rainbow/ruby or red tail sharks and wonder if it would trouble the cories or ottos or other fish when it reaches full size. From reading about them i've heard they tend to be territorial when bigger although more among themselves than with other fish it seems, I only want 1 but im not sure if it would would feel overcrowded if there was 12 or so corys and ottos in "its territory" around the bottom?

I have also never kept ottos and reading about them they seem slightly more fragile would they fit in or should I leave them out as im not sure if 5 of them is a big enough group and have cories only?
Ottos DEFINITELY need an established tank to survive. I wouldn't add them to any tank that hasn't been running for 6 months AFTER cycling. Some people have good luck with them I don't. I stick with Pygmy Cories for *small* cleaners and other Cories for bottom feeders.
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