Can T5's do the job ???

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Mar 20, 2009
I have a 120 G 48 x 24 x 24, just fish for now but I want to get some sps and lps ... Ive heard about these T5 light and how they are taking over ... Right now I have 65 w x 4 pc and looking to upgrade... I am new to the hobby so all information is appreciated
Yes, T-5's are in. I think for your tank a fixture with 6 54w bulbs would do. IMO
PS: I just reread your post and your tank is really on the deep side so sps and evern some lps's might have to be raised up in the tank a bit.
agree with thin, given the depth you're probably pushing it if you expect to keep them at the lower levels. Even 240 of MH may not be enough. That's the thing with those high tanks
You can solve the light penetration by adding a deeper sand bed to about 6 inches. I believe around 20 inches is where you start to lose penetration on T5s, but my numbers may be off,since I can't find any of my lighting links that would help...
Yes 20" is the cut off for T-5 HO's at 54w.

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