Can There Be Too Much Moonlight?

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May 21, 2006
New Jersey
My last fixture fell in the water and burnt out, so new time for a moonlight. The one I currently had did the job just fine, even better than expected. But my question is, if I put two in instead of one, would it affect the inhabitants at night? Here is the one I had before, would two be to much?

Maybe putting two at different degrees would create a better effect?
LED tube with 5 11000MCD LEDS produce incredible coverage
Safe low voltage 12v dc power supply

Would two of these be to much for a 29 gallon? The only reason why I ask is because I have two with one dc adapter, all ive have to do is pick up another adapter to have two. What do you think?
depends on what you're looking for. THat will be a lot of light. Personally I like the tank to be dark, with just enough light so I can see what's going on so I can see how they do at night and what their behavior is. I think that would be too much light for that, but I don't know that it would be detrimental.

I also don't run my moonlights all night either.
You can have too much "moonlight". If one worked, I'd stick w/ it. I like the idea of not using them all night also.
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