Can to many feather dusters become a problem?

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May 12, 2005
Piedmont, NC
I was looking in the rocks today to see where a blue Chromis was hiding and noticed I have tons of little feather dusters that where not there before. I counted at least 12 or so in a 4 inch area and I have a lot of rock so there tons of them. Can they cause a problem if there gets to be to many or do I just have to feed my tank like crazy. They are only around 1/2 total height right now.
not to my knowledge...they are a filter feeder and you do not and should not add any extra food to the water unless you want unwanted algae and cyano.
My goodness no!!
Feathers are a blessing and a great indicator of good water quality. Just feed your tank normally, they will get what they need. No need to disturb good water quality.
Enjoy!!! :D
I have several in my tank about 50 or more but they are good filter feeders
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