Candy cane under new lights

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May 26, 2011
Vernon, ct
Be had a candy cane under pc's for a couple weeks, it looked great all puffed up! But for the past week or so I put it under my new 6 bulb t5 fixture. And it's still puffed up but not as big as it was. Was the light too much? It sits pretty high in the tank should I move it lower in the water column??
Im sure it is fine where it is it just has to get use to the brighter light. Its like when you walk outside in the winter it takes your eyes a bit to get used to it, same goes for your coral. The candy generally is fine In high light situations give it a day or so and see if it perks back up b4 you start re-scaping your tank
Ok thanks I'll give it a try I have tried to feed it mysis but doesn't seem to take anything
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