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Feb 10, 2011
Have had my candy cane for a year but half the heads look deflated and got rips the over half fine should I be worried


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They are all fine apart from mag I'm raising it from 1200 to around 1350 and my ph dropped from 8.2 to 7.8 but this happens a few times no problems
I think it's my lighting coz the heads on top dieing off but the shaded ones Are fine could this be the issue
how long have they been under that lighting? did you move them up recently? ph swings can certainly effect corals.
They been under bout 2 weeks but I did 1 hr full lights up it by 30 mins every day till I got to 6 hrs
that's probably the problem then. i always use the analogy that if you stare at the sun for an hour, or 8 hours, your still blind.
i would put something in between the lighting and the coral for a while. something to cut down the light a little. some mesh or window screen would be good.
I was gonna try lower under a power headroom block some light
It was far worse when I got it from a friend looked dead but I put it in my tank and 2 months later it come back this time it barley any damage really so I'm sure I can save
Lost my candy cane died bloody pissed off dunno what went wrong
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