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Jun 2, 2006
Rollinsford, NH
I had posted a thread earlier about prizm protein skimmers and decided to go withe the remora hang-on instead. thanks for your help guys. anyway, i started my tank about 3 months ago, after my brackish fish died (death in the family made me a little neglectful)so as far as i was concerned, i had all the basic equipment. its a 55 gallon tank, with about 40 lbs of lr. i have 2 yellow and gold damsels, 1 green chromis, 5 hermits, 2 emerald crabs and a bunch of little critters that came on the rock. I am using a penn plax cascade 100 canister filter. now i know that the filter has a tendency to become a nitrate factory, something i notice if I dont clean bi-weekly. if i got the remora skimmer with the filter box, would it be enough filtration for me to remove all media from the canister and replace with LR chunks? sort of like a refugium, maybe? the fliter has some really good flow to it, nad the output hides a lot easier than powerheads. i am planning on putting about 65lbs of LR in there slowly. the 55g doesn't have that much room to play, so i've just been collecting choice peices.
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