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Mar 16, 2009
have a 30 gallon tank would like to go with a canister filter but tank is built into there a unit I can use where I can put canister in basement below tank location.It will be about 9 feet away. thanks taunch
hmmm... thats an interesting one... with such a small water volume (30 gallon) i would think you could probably just get a more powerful filter like maybe a cascade 1500 and put a longer hose... i would think that would be able to move the water 9 feet... of course you'd need to get longer hose but i would think it could be done... the cascades use a siphon to inlet to the canister and a pump to get it back out... a more powerful one should work
hmmm... thats an interesting one... with such a small water volume (30 gallon)
It is not the volume of the tank. The canister only has to move the amount of water in the hose itself from pickup to return. It would take the same amount of force wether it is 10 gallon tank or 1,000 gallon tank.
That said I only have experience with one canister and that is limited. My Fluval 405 instructions specifically says that the distance from the canister to the top of the tank must not exceed 48"
I'm pretty sure that's height rating and not a horizontal distance rating, but I think taunch needs to answer that question. The water pressure developed by placing the filter 9 feet below the tank is not something you're likely to overcome with anything sold as an aquarium product, but 9 feet to the side shouldn't be an insurmountable problem. Basically you'd need to find a way to place the canister at the ceiling of the basement so the pump doesn't have to work as hard.
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