canister going slow

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Oct 14, 2007
I have a Hydor Prime 10 canister filter and its been running pretty slow recently. I've cleaned it out twice in the past week and there wasn't much gunk in it that could be plugging it up. I'm not sure whats wrong with it. I can see it sucking in small particles but when I put my hand near the output I can barely feel the water coming out. It also doesn't seem to be keeping the water in my tank as clean as I hoped a canister filter would. The filter is supposed to be for 20-40 gallon tanks and its in a 30. Any suggestions? Could I rig a powerhead up to it to make it go faster? Idk
Any kinks in the hoses? Is the strainer clear on the input side? Did you clean the impeller assembly?
The impeller is all clean, there are no kinks in the hose but one of them is in a loop, and the input strainer thing is pretty clean. The media is two of the white polishing pads, a bag of carbon, some polyfil, and a big coarse media sponge thing at the bottom.
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