Cannister recomendations???????

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May 1, 2006
I need to hear from you what cannister filter you would recommend for a 29 gallon.....which might be changed to a 20 gallon long.
My AC filter has given me nothing but problems for the last week and now I need something hopefully not tooooooo expensive. I know nothing about cannisters.
I was looking at the Eheim Classic.......wondering.
I've heard nothing but good about the Eheims. I'm a fan of the Rena XPs though for the price. An XP 1 or 2 would be more than enough.
EHEIM BABY!!! I have my 2215 for about 15 maybe 16 years and runs like a champ and purchased a monster Eheim 2080 for my 120 FOWLR BUILD. They filter the water great, low power consumption and best of all extremely quite. The 2080 is rated for a 350 gallon tank and you don't even know it's on. Sorry for getting excited but I love my Eheims.
More expensive than most but well worth the coin.
I'll pay half the price today for one that will only last 8 years. I'm cheap though. ;)
LOL:clown:. I definitely got my moneys worth out of the 2215 and still squeezing every last penny out of her.
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