Can't get Remove the aereator on the Faucet for Python

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Feb 16, 2006
I just bought the Python, ever so excited, and now I can't get the aerator off. I tried a wrench but the grip keeps slipping. This is a bathroom faucet BTW. Do you guys have any tips? Thanks in advance.

Oh and a second question. Its been 5 years since my last aqurium. I still have the filter media from my previous aquarium. If I remember correctly this can speed up the cycling process. Is the media too old to use?
Yes, it's too old, it will have dried right out (dead)

As for getting the aerator off, try putting a piece of rubber under the pliers. Rubber will grip it better then teeth (unless you want to trash the aerator)
The aerator might be corroded or have lime build up. Try soaking it with some CLR or similar remover. <Put CLR in a small cup & hold it up to the faucet.>

Soak for 5-10 min & try the plier with rubber grip trick again.
I agree with the CLR. It will help break up some of the buildup, and make it easier to break the aerator free so you can take it off. Also a piece of rubber will help too.
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