Carey's Final Reef Upgrade- 180g

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Judging by the pictures above, those palys in the background appear to be stretching upwards for light. I don't think it's too much light.
Yeah, I have been thinking the same thing. Just so unsure and scared I am going to burn the corals if I turn up the intensity. lol I am so used to the darn t5's lol.....BUT I am gonna try out the pellets going off line and see what happens,. How long do you think I would have to keep them off to notice a difference? A week? Two weeks?

Thanks X for checking in!
Yep, was thinking a few more chronis or some anthias. lol BUT I have another chromi in the overflow so we are down to 5 that can swim around and one who is trapped. But yeah, I am gonna wait awhile and see where i'm at in a few weeks and go from there. :)
My next priority is figuring out whats wrong with the corals, I think i will take the biopellets off line before i go back to t5's, just to see if its the lights or pellets. They just dont look as good as they did under the t5's I had for the 125g and the water is like 100% better as far as parameters.

Thanks for reading red, I appreciate it!!

Oh yes, the Anthias are nice too! Maybe a nice school of Lyretails....I love those guys! :D
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