Changing Coral's rock

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Jun 18, 2004
Fremont, CA
My girlfriend bought a pulsating xenia yesterday. When we got it home, we noticed the 4 colonies were on a plain old river rock. Can i somehow get them off that rock and attach them to a piece of liverock?
Xenia tends to grow and spread quickly. I would leave it on the rock now and place it nest to other rocks where it can spread. Good luck..Lando
place it low, next to a rock you want it to climb to. In a week it will climb to the other rock and up towards the light. Speed this up by letting it touch the other rock right away
If you really want it off the rock it should scrape off with a razor since the river rock is smooth. just lift it off with a razor and then just glue it to the good rock.
I would scrape it off and attach it to a new rock, I used rubberbands with success on attaching mine.
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