Changing sand

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Feb 12, 2011
Sidney, NE
Ok here we go i would like to take the sand and crushed shells out of my tank and go with all live sand, its a up and running tank so can i do this if i start at the end and do like a 10 lb. replacement very 4 to 5 days just asking.
Never changed my sand but at least I'd advise you to use bags of dry aragonite sand very well rinsed instead of so called "live sand". Over priced and it ain't live sealed in a bag sitting on the store shelf.
I started my first tank with crushed coral and QUICKLY realized that was a mistake and changed it out.

I guess the first question is how big is you tank. you should be fine if you do it in sections. maybe 1/5 of the tank every 10 days or so. don't stress about getting all the shells out. they will eventually work their way to the top and you can easily get the rest out.

don't bother spending the $ for live sand. just use dry aragonite like austinsdad said.
OK let's start with WHY are you changing the sand?
If it's crushed coral, fine, but it you already have sand, then by now it's LIVE SAND.

If you are removing crushed coral remove about 25% at a time, about a week apart. You will need to place some type of divider to keep the two from mixing.
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