Wanted: Cheap red cherry shrimp

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Feb 29, 2012
Northern Virginia
I have around 10 red cherry shrimp in a 10 gallon but I want to get more to start the colony faster
I'd prefer a cheap price I have spent a good amount on the shrimp tank setup and have other tanks to setup
I am selling some- $1 each but if you buy a lot I can give quantity discounts.
Fishandmusic81 said:
Nice will extras be thrown in incase of deaths?

Yes. I always send a few extras. Even if there is no DOA, the buyer is happy! :)
Predfan27 said:
How much is shipping to 30909?

How many do you want? I need to know because more shrimp means more water, which means more weight.
Fishandmusic81 said:
ok awesome
how much for 15?
and how will paying work? Paypal im guessing it'll be my first time buying from here

$13. I accept PayPal and checks in the mail.
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