Cirolanid Isopods

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Feb 4, 2004
Dublin, CA
I just found out that we have an infestation of cirolanid isopods in our tank. I've seen a dozen or so little isopods in the tank, and just last night caught a big one:


I've been reading that the only way to get rid of these guys is to either leave the tank fallow for 6 months, or to nuke the tank.

Any suggestions on which would be the preferred method? I'm guessing if we go with the latter method we'd have to pull all the live rocks, give them a good freshwater (carbonated?) dip, and then siphon out all the sand and rinse it through with freshwater. I know this is essentially going to kill everything on them, but the recovery time would probably be at least less than 6 months.

I'm uncertain which way to go, so any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
Oh boy, that's not good. From what I've read on them, they will die off in 3-4 months if they have no fish to feed on. Wish I had some good advise for you, but unfortunately I don't. Good Luck.
Well, you can do the red bug treatment, should kill them, but it kills all pods in the tank, you'll want a detrivore kit shortly after treatment, good thing is nothing else should be harmed.
What's the red bug treatment?

I have some spaghetti macro algae in there that's crawling with regular pods...I might be able to pull that out and save some of those pods (keeping an eye out for cirolanids, of course).
I should point out, I implied that it would only kill pods, it will actually kill any crusteceans in the tank, so any decorative shrimp or crabs would need to be removed for treatment.
Thanks for the link!

Does red bugs = cirolanids, or are they something else entirely, and the assumption is that this will also kill cirolanids since it kills all crustaceans?
Red Bugs

The assumption is that if it targets and kill all crusteceans that it will off the cirolanids, as well as all the other pods i your tank, including red bugs...if you got them.
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