clalcium problem

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Apr 10, 2004
montreal, canada
about a week ago i bought kalkwasser.i read up on it and made a doser and began dripping it. my calcium was at 360 five days ago. since then ive dripped about 1 gal - 1 gal 1/2 of kalkwasser but nothings changed, still 360.first i put about half the bottle then put the kalkwasser mix it and then add the rest of the water.i let the water stay for 24 hours then i drip it. today i decided to test the water in the bottle and got like 0 calc. can anyone explain the proper way of dripping kalk.
ps i use seachem reef kalkwasser and this is the doser
How much kalk powder did you add to the RO water? The saturation point is 2 teaspoons/gal. Could be you just need to increase the drip rate depending on your evaporation. 1-1½ gal of kalkwasser over a five day period could have just maintained the levels depending on what's in the tank.

I tried the link but the site must be down. Connection was refused so I'll look later on what type of doser you are using.

EDIT: what is the alk level?

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