Clean up Crew Suggestions?

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Sep 19, 2012
I got a few things in my tank that is not CLU friendly.

1. Blue Spotted Puffer
1. Coral Beauty
1. Flame Hawkfish
1. Yellow Tang
1. Yellow Eye Tang
1. lunare wrasse
1. Spiny Sea Urchin

That is in my 55 gallon tank as of now. Before anyone jumps on me, I am upgrading to a 120 LONG tank very soon (5 foot long, not 4 foot). I got a build thread going on with it now. I got the new tank and its almost done, I am working on the stand now.

Tank size aside, I need help with a clean up crew. The only thing I got is the Urchin, and I might have to get rid of him. I plan on a Harlingen Tuskfish for one of the fish to add when I upgrade, and know that it might ear the urchin. So any suggestions on a clean up crew for a predator tank? I do have a few hermit crabs left over, and I don't know how they are still a live.
You don't need a clean up crew at all. It's just a clever way of marketing livestock. You can have a perfectly successful tank without a single crab or snail.
Ok, thanks guys! I do wish I could have a shrimp or two, but I don't want to give up any fish. I want to keep my Urchin, do you think it would be ok with the Tusk Fish? I don't want to become a meal!
Personally I like watching the crabs and snails work around the tank. I really like when the nassarius snails come up out of the sand at feeding time.

That said, I have a porcupine puffer and harlequin tusk so I know you will be replenishing the snails and crabs all the time. I've bought multiple sets of clean up crews from reefcleaners. It is a great value, but they are all really small. They all end up being a snack which is actually essential for the keeping the puffers teeth in check.

The best bet is to buy some turbo snails from the fish store. I buy the biggest ones they have. At this point they can't fit in the puffers mouth. It is amazing how a puffer just crunches up small snails at ease while begging for more food.
I may be different than you Jasonrusso, I don't like buying things just so they can be killed. I guess I got to look at it differently as in the food chain way!

What about Ghost Shrimp, cheap and a known food source? Would that help my Puffer? I feed frozen clams but my puffer does not even touch it. I was told that if you got a lot of rock, the Puffer will keep its teeth in check on its own by chewing the rock. I was thinking of buying some peppermint shrimp, but again I just hate buying them to watch them die. :-(
I also buy ghost shrimp, the puffer will eat them when he can catch them but they are more for my lion and angler. I gut load the shrimp with pellet food and then feed to the other fish. Peppermint shrimp are too expensive as food. They are like $4-5. I can usually find ghost shrimp for 2 for $1 (sometimes 5 for $1 when overstocked).

I have never seen my puffer chew on a rock. They need shells from shrimp or better yet snails/crabs. I buy uncooked grocery store shrimp and cut it up. I feed it with the shells on (one chunk at a time so they see it). I haven't had any problems yet and it's been over a year.

I don't take joy in seeing live food get eaten, but that IS the food chain. We all eat meat that was alive at some point.
True! I do love beef and pork. I should know better being I raised farm animals to eat. I just don't like to put something into a situation that will cause a lot of pain until death. When I raise animals to eat, their death is fast without pain. Its a little easier to take than watching something suffer to try and live. :p

I tried the shrimp method but my puffer is weird and does not eat it. I also got clams in the half shell and he does not even touch that. I was just told that my Blue Spotted Toby will take care of his teeth himself and being he is a small puffer his teeth are really no big deal. I don't know, its been a year with no issues. :p
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