Cleaning a used tank

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Thanx but no.....
Jun 2, 2008
Been a long long time since I had to do this. How clean do I need to get the overflow chamber (inside and out). It's mostly salt pack and dehydrated coraline. I've scraped where I can reach but don't have the energy to scrape/sand down the tower and around the bulks.

I'm hoping no biggie...

The kid's 90 begins........
I'm good with the how, I'm trying to get the ole web pat on the back that it does not need to be done. I've sanded down the outside tower, most of the inside. I just don't have the heart to dig out the tooth brush for the nooks and crannies.
*pats Capt on the back* It does not need to be done; however, muriatic acid usually does the trick. Of course, there is always the option of putting your kids to work with their own toothbrush, stuff their heads in the overflow, their arm through one of the return holes, and earn that tank the hard way XD

***If you are removing/replacing any bulkheads make sure the area where the mounts/flange sit are clean.
WooHoo.. Then I'll give it the ole college try (one handed with a cold beverage in the other) and go from there.

Just picked it up today so I haven't taken a good look at the bulk heads or even done a leak test. $65 and the kid is happy so the few scratches don't bother me T H A T much.

Other than that, it looks good so far. Next up is the stand. The crayons and construction paper were out before I even got home.

Gonna be a long couple of months.....
Ya know what, I'm a sap. just finished with the sand paper wrapped around the dowel trick. All clean Mom.. even behind the ears. Gawd I need to get that key where the wife keeps them, I really miss em.. I doooooo....

Soo.. the next couple days is painting the trim, then the back and sides (planning on towers on either side wrapped in styrofoam (basement dontcha know). Then the stand, towers, stain, get the 3rd job, supplies, get the 4th job, rock, fish, etc..

Time to go settle in and let the big O tell me how life is grand. Where's that small cooler.. Hey hun.. better grab the BIG one.

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