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Feb 7, 2006
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ok - as some know- i recently got a new 20 gallon tank - it needs cleaning -

when you fill the tank with water it looks like tons of little tiny bubbles on the inside the tank - when the tank is dry you would see a white scale like stuff- I have decided after much thinking i am gona use pure bottled water from the store i think - cause i realise that when i turn the garden hose on out side it is bubbly - sudsy . that is a concern i have i'm not sure if its just my water hookup or if the whole neighborhood has the same issue .

now back to cleaning the tank - i thought you can use vinager to clean the tank - so i put 2 cap fulls of vinager in the tank scrubbed it and drained and rinised it out - and i left it alone for a bout an hour to dry - and it still has a scaly whitish stuff on it - I Was told to take a straight razor and scrape it off as its dead algea and it should clean up- I thought my aquarium brush would do the trick guess not - . i'll have to upload my pics see if i can get it to show some - or use my other tank which has the same thing in it .. im hoping that the razor will do the trick. any ideas?

heres another pic - this is my 55 gallon tall- AS well

ITS a tad closer if you look 4" from the bottom and to the corner area where the sides meet you can see the scale -- atleast that is what i think it is .

Here is my 20gallon - Looks nice and clean don't it ? well no - still has the scales


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A razor will work with vinegar on a glass tank, not acrylic though. The bubbles are normal when first filling a tank up.
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