Cleaning up acrylic tanks

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Nov 24, 2008
Gainesville, FL

I saw a post on craigslist for a 100g acrylic tank and they say it has scratches. No, I don't how bad of scratches or how deep they are.

How bad (hard) is it to buff these out?
There are plenty of threads on here regarding this subject, I myself typed a lengthy response once with regards to how to polish it out... I used to work for a trophy/sign company that polished saw marks out of cut acrylic, and beveled edges of plexiglass... I will try to find that post and link to it, but it was like two years ago...

Okay, searched for it, could not find it, could have been on another forum... I will search for it...
I found a couple threads (I really should have known to do a search before posting but wasn't thinking).

I've got all the info I need now, thanks!
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