cloudy water

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Feb 5, 2003
connecticut usa
I have a 150 gal reef thats been up for a couple of weeks,had tank for over a year just redid it .took out all the filters added about 300 lbs of LR put in a 4 inch DSB w/ SD and LS tank never recycled w/ all the LR.I use ro/di water.and have been using oceans blend additives since resetting tank .salts at 1.023 cal. is at 375 ph is 7.9 - 8.1 nitrite - nirtate 0, alk 4.5.recently started to get haze of algae on glass brown on the front green on the sides ( clean the front more than the sides).since I couldn't get ph to 8.3 I used kents marine buffer to get it to 8.3 last nite .tested ph again today still right around 8.0 ,but water is kind of cloudy ,not real bad if you look at it straight on .but if you stand on one side and look at through to the other side it's bad . any thoughts on whats going on ?

Hmmm, could be raiseing the ph has caused an imbalance and you are experiencing a bacterial bloom. Does the coudiness look like smoke in the water? Or does it look like snow, cause it is also just as possible and just as likely that you raised your alk pretty high pretty quick and you precipitated some CA.
thats just it the ph & alk. are the same as the were a week ago.I was trying to raise it .I just tested everything less than an hour ago
If it looks like smoke in the water, it is most likely a bacterial bloom. Opportunistic heterotropic bacteria are blooming in your tank. It is not harmful, just ugly. It will probably get worse before it gets better. Stop adding supplaments, do a waterchange and cut back on any feeding for a few days to a week.
I have the same problem, I set up my 125 gal about 2 weeks ago and it looked great then all of a sudden it started getting cloudy my tests all looked good. I have the same brown algae. I just started adding the kents too and I know is says on the bottle it may cause cloudiness but this started before I added it so I know that's not my problem. Let me know when you get it clear again and what did it for you. thanks.
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