Lights causing Cloudy Water

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Feb 25, 2019
So I finally figured out what is causing my white cloudy water issue, and its my lights.

Backstory- Setup a 90gal tank back in november, in feb my water was still cloudy and everyone thought it was still cycling. I upgraded to a Fluval FX4 in Feb and followed the cycling process. The water would never clear up until I turned my lights off and left them off for about a week or 2. As soon as I turn them on the tank gets cloudy again within 2-3 days.

For this tank I use CO2, planted, semi high tech. The lights are reef lights that have had most of the blue LEDS replaced with "full spectrum" LEDS (they are just white). The lights are setup on a reefpi timer.

The were turned on from 8am to 9pm but only full power for 4 hours and a slow lightup. I have since changed it to turn on in the morning for an hour at minimum brightness then off and back on at about 3 till 9 with only 3 hours full brightness and I still have cloudy issues. Which doesnt make sense given I also CO2 inject and dont currently fert (to avoid feeding the bacteria).

Water changes have been done once since installing the FX4 to let it cycle. Normally its weekly/biweekly about 30-50%.

Any ideas?

Tank when its clear

Color the the LEDs I use on the Lights-

LED Time-
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