Clown fish won't eat flakes

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Feb 16, 2014
Hello everyone, I got 2 clown fish on Wednesday and I tried to feed them on Thursday with flakes but they just spit them out right away. Tried again this morning and same thing. What can I do to get them to eat flakes?
Because I live 180 miles from anywhere that sells frozen food.
Can try to put a drop of Garlic Power and let the flakes soak, that could get them enticed a bit.

You can also look in the PE Mysis pellets, and the same technique with the Garlic Power if they don’t like those. Pellets in general may be a bigger hit than the flakes. Look up ChromoBoost, or New Life Spectrum.

Good luck with it
Also plenty of DIY frozen food methods on YouTube if you have a blender and a grocery store close!
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