clownfish and Anemone Questions

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Mar 17, 2012
So I got a brand new clown and do they need an anemone to survive. Also what type of lighting is needed for a rose tip and a candy anemone.
No, clowns do not need an anenome. Actually, they will host just about anything and could care less about an anenome. If you have a new tank dont even consider one, they need a tank that has been established for roughly 8 months. They need very high lighting as well
What is your setup? Parameters? How long has the tank been established? They are very agressive an will kill inverts and small fish if they are given the chance, and sting other corals
FOWLR and my parameters r ammonia 0 nitrites 0 nitrates .05 and ph 8.4 and salinity is 1.023 but I don't have the proper lighting. I only have a t8 with 10k single strand standard
Ya that's what the guy at my lfs said and now in a few months I'm going to be getting a marineland led system. It's on Dr foster and smiths. It's the 169 dollar one. I think its the first one on there. Could you take a look at it for me please its the first one and its under he led section
I personally haven't heard too many good things about those. Not very strong lighting and I know people who had issues with it. You would be better of with t5 lights or halides. IMO of course
The marineland "reef capable" lighting actually isn't. I'd go with a solid 6+ T5 bulb fixture, 250 Metal Halide, or some decent LEDs.
The marineland leds are barely enough light to keep softie corals and without a doubt not enough for a nem. Also, as stated above condys are not clown friendly and they will not host it. The condy also gets huge and can eat other fish. Not a good anemone to have in my opinion.
Oh ok can u tell me some good lights that rnt to expensive and some good corals. My max that il spend on lights r 250
Search Craigslist you'll be able to find something suitable in that range if not cheaper. Negotiation is useable too!
Oh that is a much nicer price and I might be getting that in a month or 2. Gotta work up the money and by then il have 2 clowns then and what is the best type of anemone for them ddon't want to down to much on it
In my opinion a frogspawn or torch is very pretty with a clownfish hosting but hammer is good too! Just depends in what you like and a clownfish might not host anything in your tank! It just does what it wants
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