Clownfish behavior

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Aug 19, 2011
So Cal
Hello everyone, i added a clownfish to my 30 gallon reef about 3 weeks ago. He was the first fish in the tank, and his tankmates are 5 snails, 5 hermits, 1 cleaner shrimp, and 1 peppermint shrimp. Since i adde him he has only ever swims in the top half of the tank, he never goes down towards the bottom of the tank and odd. He likes to hang out by the powerhead in the corner, but hes not sick at all. How can i get him to go to the bottom of the tank?
He may be trying to host a powerhead. Not un common. Don't know if you can make a fish do what you want. As long as he is healthy and eating. Maybe if you added anemone or some type of coral more appealing to them he may move.
Ya i dont think hes hosting the powerhead though because he moves all around the tank, but only the upper half. Hes also pretty young, would that make a differance? We have a forgspawn an he could care less about it. Haha
Each clown has different personality. Does He sleep by the powerhead?? My clowns will only stay by their brain coral they host. Don't venture far unless feeding. Age doesn't matter as far as hosting goes.
Oh really? Well its wierd, during the day he hangs out by the powerhead, and at night he goes crazy swimming everywhere so i dont actually know where he sleeps.. I wish he would host the frogspawn! Lol
That is odd he swims around at night aimlessly. Maybe can try to get him a partner. Maybe another clown will help him. If this clown is young you should get a larger clown. They there will be some dominance showing and larger clown will become the female.
Ya i wanted another clown, but i am afraid of agression issues, so i decided against it. There are no other fish in the tank, so could that be why?
Clownfish will change sex. They are all born male. Largest most dominant fish will become female. You could get a smaller clown as well and then clown in your tank will become female. Should be fine. I just don't think should get same size fish then could be aggression issues to decide which becomes female.

Although I am not positive about that. I bought my clowns as a pair. I'm sure someone will tell you best scenario for adding clown to existing clown. I would go with adding larger clown but again not sure if that is best scenario.
There's nothing wrong with getting another clown, actually I recommend it, there will be a lil aggression but once one claims dominance they will become a bonded pair, which is a beautiful addition. But your clown should have a spot to sleep at night maybe a Conner at the top of the tank that's where one of my pairs sleep, and my other pair sleep pretty much on the sand bed.
Really?? Okay well maybe we will try to add more fish and see if anything changes.. Haha

Not sure if we want another clown! Its only a 30 g so having 2 of the same fish seems like a waste... But they are pretty cool
Yeah 30 gallons is tough. Only got 3 fish or so. But a pair of clowns is great and if ever spawned tank could put money into your pocket if found somewhere to sell babies. Pair of clowns and anemone is a awesome thing to have in a tank. But again it is your decision.
Yuup... I dont know what to do, but do you think it would help if i added more fish? Maybe stir things up a bit? Haha
I had 2 clowns when I first started my tank and purchased them as a pair. They were fine got at each other a few times. Then my son dumped all the fish food in the tank and long story short my female passed away. So I went to the lfs and got an even bigger one considering the one that passed was female it would be easier for the male. They paired up almost instantly and have been even better than the first pair. Imo the bigger the size difference the better. And they have been hosting my green bubble tip nem ever since. It is definatly a sight to be seen.
Oh very cool. Thats really good because my clown is TINY! Hes just a baby, so i could find a really big one an that would be great! Haha we will see ;)
My clown pretty much swims circles around a part of the rock formation and hovers next to it. It's perfectly healthy but has it's own "spot" in my 29gallon. I have 3 fish, 2 snails and 5 hermits, the other two fish swim everywhere but the clown doesn't. It was the first fish in my tank too so it has been "shaken up" several times but the rock is still it's home. He's been happy and healthy in my tank for about 2 years now.
My clowns are paired and one sleeps vertically behind my heater and the other on the sand right next to the heater and during the day they are unseperable like today they worked together trying to kill a single amphipod mabey 1mm long but after about 40 mins of mauling it,biting it then spitting it out,and passing it back and forth they couldnt finish the lil guy off! Lol he got away haha clowns are the best!
Hahah really? Thats awesome!! I would like to get two, but in a 30 thats about half of the fish i can get. Is it worth it?
Get it and if you get small fish that arent very active swimmers you could get mabey 3 more fish just do your homework and it could work
Cool! If you want to visit my thread it says the exact stock and everything, but 5 fish is what we are goin for ;) thanks! We will think about another clown!
Right now I have 2 clowns 1 sailfin tang 1" long a yellow watchman goby I know the tang has to go eventually but for now he's fine. Ill probably trade him in soon for a flasher wrasse and my bioload is fine

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