Clowns and Green Chromis

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Oct 9, 2005
I have 2 clowns for 6 months and just added 3 green chromis into my 20gal today. Will I have nasty fighting problem with them? 5 fishes too many for a 20gal? If not I would think of adding some other fish as well. Hope you guys can comment. Thanks.
The clowns and the chromis wouldn't have any problem. Although the clowns "might" pick on the chromis if they feel like it :D 5 fishes in a 20G... according the the "rule of thumb" is overstocked. IMO "experienced" aquarists can/may overstock if they can keep the water's chemistry stable (using sump/fuge to increase water volume, good skimmer, regular WC and other medias). It depends on how dedicate u r at fishkeeping. Well that's just how i think of it. I wouldn't add anymore fish if i were you tho. HTH
My percs that were in my 55 for a few years did not care for the 5 chromis I added.. They chased and bit them from day one. Soon my pseudochromis joined in.. I only have one left that I was able to catch and put in my fuge..
So its a 50/50 shot.. If they are not fighting now then you are probably good.
No more fish in a 20, when they grow you will be overstocked and very cramped.
You should not have issues between perc and chromis. I agree that you are pushing the limits of a 20 gallon tank. Keep a close eye on your water parameters and do not skimp on PWC's.
in my previous tank i had a few chromis with a clown and they got along fine...but i second the fact that 5 fish is pushing it for 20 gal. water changes, water changes, water changes
Thanks for the input guys, really appreciate it. since day one I started on my 20g I am doing 10-15% waterchange every week is that enough? Or do I need to do it more frequently? Cheers.
I bought 2 percs and 5 chromis... the chromis died off one by one (bad batch I guess), but one survived and is thriving...
He schools with the two clowns and they don't mind him tagging along one bit..
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